ALN Women’s Leadership Programme – Call for Applications

The Africa Liberal Network is excited to announce the launch of its new Women’s Leadership Programme, in partnership with the UK Liberal Democrats and Westminster Foundation for Democracy. The programme, open to women politicians from all ALN member parties, will provide participants with additional knowledge, skills and tailored support to advance as candidates and into leadership roles.

Applications for the 2019 programme are now open  and we warmly invite aspiring women leaders from across the Africa Liberal Network to apply.

The programme, designed for candidates intending to run for local or general elections in 2019, 2020 or 2021, will include three two-day training workshops spread out over 9 months. The first will take place in Marrakech, Morocco from 6th-7th March, ahead of the ALN General Assembly. The programme will also include a mentoring scheme whereby participants will be paired with an experienced political actor to provide tailored advice and support. The training will cover a range of topics, from campaigning and voter contact models to social media, fundraising and much more, helping equip participants with the tools they need to successfully contest party nominations and elected positions.

For more information about this important opportunity, including training dates, curriculum and applicant eligibility, please read the attached programme brochure.

To apply, please complete the attached application form and return to The deadline for applications is 17th February 2019.

Application Form English

Brochure English

Application Form French

Brochure French



Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the programme or application process.

NOW OPEN: ALN Executive Committee Nominations


The nominations for the Africa Liberal Network (ALN) Executive Committee are now open as of 1 February 2019 and will be closing on 15 February 2019 at 15:00 GMT. All ALN member parties to please check their e-mails for further details.

Kenya’s future leaders: Empowering women to win

Kenya’s future leaders: Empowering women to win is an ALN project aimed at facilitating and supporting the participation of 15 women candidates in Kenyan politics. The workshop will take place in the Naivasha area of Kenya between 13-15 February 2017, and consists of a range of sessions designed to develop and support the participants in various aspects of Kenyan political life.

The three-day workshop includes training in areas such as understanding the internal ODM party machinery, communicating effectively through different campaign channels, overcoming all forms of political violence, and reaching out to voters through canvassing and on-the-ground campaigning. The workshop also aims to inspire the participants by inviting speakers who have themselves faced and overcome social and political challenges. By combining training sessions with the real life experiences of other female politicians, the workshop aims to provide the participants with the best possible tools for facing the upcoming elections.

Rosemary and Women League Leader

Leading up to Kenya’s August 2017 elections, the ALN launched the Campaign and Organisational Development (COD) Unit, its most ambitious project to-date. With this unit, the ALN in collaboration with long-term strategic partners at the UK Liberal Democrats, aims to aid the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in campaigning and building a strong support base in target areas. The ODM is the biggest party in Kenya, holding 99 parliamentary seats, but much work remains to be done to empower women candidates and politicians.

Following the assessment visit of the Campaign and Organisational Development (COD) Unit, a key area identified for support of the ODM is in the training and development of female candidates. Women are often the victims of serious political, economic, and social exclusion in Kenya, and despite legal requirements, political representation of men exceeds the legal two-thirds limit. Although Kenya’s electoral system makes provision for a women’s list and ballot, female ODM candidates often struggle to compete with their counterparts from other parties.

Trainers and facilitators supporting this training in Kenya include:

  • Victoria Marsom (former Director of Strategic Seats at the UK Liberal Democrats)
  • Brigitte Dzogbenuku (Executive Director of Mentoring Women Ghana and winner of Fortune/Goldman Sachs Women’s Leadership Award)
  • Christine Jardine (former candidate for the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament and experienced political campaigner in the UK)
  • Dr Agnes Zani (ODM Senator and Secretary-General)
  • Irene Oloo (Political gender advisor in Kenya)

The ALN and UK Liberal Democrats look forward to this important engagement with the future of Kenya’s political landscape. By working with promising women candidates, the network and its partner for this activity hope to support the ODM in delivering outstanding candidate public representatives to Kenyan voters.

Announcement: 13th Annual General Assembly to be held in Nairobi, Kenya

The ALN is proud to announce that the network’s upcoming 13th General Assembly will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 22-25 March 2017. Hosted by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and under the theme Liberals in Cooperation: Coalitions, Negotiations, and Democratic Collaboration, the 2017 General Assembly focuses on cooperation among liberals in Africa. Our sessions will emphasise the need for increased collaboration among liberal democrats not only across the continent, but also within our respective countries.

With the rise of militant populism, authoritarianism, religious extremism, and other anti-democratic and illiberal ideologies, it is crucial that liberals work together to ensure a future of freedom for all Africans. Never before has the need for liberals to stand united in their principles been so great, with so very much at stake for the continent’s prosperous development and advancement.
Collaborating as liberals and democrats builds towards a brighter future for our countries and the continent. It is this future which must be built for our youth, and of which they are the main stakeholders; the future truly is in their hands. With this in mind, the 2017 General Assembly will also hold a strong focus on young people, increasing their roles and participation in political life, and providing a space for the innovative approaches provided by Africa’s youth. The newly-elected Advisory Youth Council (AYC) will hold its own session at the General Assembly, outlining its vision and mission in promoting liberal democracy as a beacon of hope for Africa’s young people.

The network’s members will also be welcomed by our host party, the Orange Democratic Movement. The ODM hosts the General Assembly at a pivotal time in Kenyan history, with the upcoming August 8th 2017 nationwide elections set to take place after receiving support from the ALN’s Campaign and Organisational Development Unit throughout the year.

The ALN expresses its gratitude towards its partners for the event, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), the UK Liberal Democrats, the Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD), and the International Democratic Initiative of D66.

Invitations and delegate nomination forms have been sent to all political party members of the ALN. For further information or to learn more about participating in the event, please contact the ALN Secretariat:

Luke Akal (Coordinator)


ALN’s first Advisory Youth Council is elected

After receiving exceptionally strong nominations from across the Africa Liberal Network’s member parties, the network’s first Advisory Youth Council (AYC) has been elected. This council, mandated to provide a voice for Africa’s liberal youth, will meet at its first Pan-African Young Leaders’ Retreat in March this year.

At the retreat, the newly-elected AYC Executive Committee is set to chart a vision for the council, identify its core aims, and engage in training and development sessions to craft and promote the AYC’s brand. The AYC will also engage in with the broader ALN General Assembly at a fringe session, which will be led and managed by the AYC itself.

The elected Secretary-General of the AYC, Richard Nii Amarh (Progressive People’s Party, Ghana) believes that the AYC must work hard to encourage and advocate open, tolerant, and democratic societies across the continent.

“I am personally challenged to do more to free my friends, colleagues, family, and all Africans from the effect of illiberal ideas, which have resulted in low participation in the democratic and development process. Whenever we fail to involve all persons in our democratic march forward, we help create a society where some are apathetic towards development. I wish to dedicate my time, knowledge, and experience in advocacy to help the AYC develop a well-structured framework that will ensure we reach all young Africans with the good news of our organisation.”

Following the cross-continental elections, the AYC is comprised as follows:


The ALN congratulates the Advisory Youth Council on successful elections and looks forward to a healthy, productive relationship as the two work together towards the advancement of liberal democracy across Africa. The election of the first-ever AYC comes at a time where the potential and need for liberalism is strongest, especially to secure a brighter, prosperous future for Africa’s future decision-makers: its youth.

ALN Executive Committee to meet in Johannesburg against backdrop of DA election victories

Following its successful 12th General Assembly this year, Africa’s largest political affiliation will meet in Johannesburg, South Africa, this week (12-14 August 2016) and is joined by Herman Mashaba, the Democratic Alliance’s Johannesburg mayoral candidate.

The meeting takes place after South Africa’s most recent Local Government Elections in which the ALN’s member party, the Democratic Alliance, surged in the polls and obtained numerous significant victories. The DA is now the largest party in the City of Cape Town, the administrative capital of Tshwane (including Pretoria), and Nelson Mandela Bay (including Port Elizabeth).

The Democratic Alliance may also seek to form a coalition in the City of Johannesburg, Africa’s economic hub, where the party obtained the second-largest number of votes. The ALN Executive Committee will be briefed on the outcomes of the successful DA campaigns across the country, including a meeting with Mr Mashaba and the DA International Office.

On the agenda for this meeting of the ALN Executive Committee is the upcoming elections of the network itself. Setting an example for democrats across the continent, the ALN’s Executive Committee strongly believes in adherence to the term limits identified in the network’s Constitution and looks forward to a peaceful transition of Executive power. Other matters for discussion include the increasing level of political persecution in South Sudan, and the development of the network’s Campaign and Organisational Development (COD) Unit which aims to directly enable and capacitate one member party’s ability to win elections as liberal democrats.

The ALN looks forward to meeting with two strategic partners, the Liberal Democrats (United Kingdom) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, during the Executive Committee meeting.

Media enquiries:

Luke Akal (ALN Coordinator)

+27 (0)81 4813754

ALN to participate at Youth Political Academy, London 2016

The ALN is pleased to announce that six members of the Network have qualified to participate in the Youth Political Academy taking place in London from 24-29 March 2016. The Academy is hosted by our partners and friends at the Liberal Democrats.

The ALN members will have the opportunity to take part in actual campaigns, learning and sharing ideas and expertise with fellow young liberals from across the world. The Academy starts with training sessions on constituency campaigning, volunteer mobilisation and diversity outreach. Our participants will then take part in actual referendum campaigns, implementing skills that can win elections!

The Academy also offers the chance for our young liberals to work together on further forming the ALN’s Advisory Youth Council (AYC). The AYC will be the voice of young, dynamic African liberals.

The six participants at the Youth Political Academy are:

  • Berlinda Bulley (Ghana)
  • Nomzamo Kheswa (South Africa)
  • Richard Nii Amarh (Ghana)
  • Gaolape Rodrick Mogotsi (Botswana)
  • Stenah Shampile (Zambia)
  • Jawad Chafil (Morocco)

Our participants will be led and mentored by the ALN’s East Africa Vice President, Rosemary Machua.

Dates of 2015/2016 ALN General Assembly announced


The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) is pleased to announce that our next General Assembly will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 27-31 January 2016. The event is hosted in partnership and collaboration with the Liberal Democrats and the Friederich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF).

Our theme for the upcoming conference will centre on:

Winning Elections: Strategies, Policies, and Solutions for Success

Through this theme, the plenary and breakaway sessions will focus on specific issues, practices and models for the growth of our liberal member parties.

We aim to empower and prepare fellow African liberals for future elections. It is also an opportunity to share experiences and expertise, such as in writing party manifestos as a tool for policy development and winning elections. The related topics of coalition preparation and building, policies, communications, ground support and the involvement of youth form part of the General Assembly’s theme.

Applications to attend the General Assembly are now open.


For more information, please contact Luke Akal on