The largest political affiliation in Africa, the Africa Liberal Network, takes note of the unfolding events in Zimbabwe. On 14 November 2017 the Zimbabwean military took control of the country and state media, announcing it was targeting “criminals” around President Robert Mugabe shortly after Mugabe fired his Vice-President‚ Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa was set to compete for the top ZANU-PF leadership spot against President Mugabe’s wife, Grace Mugabe. In a move that the armed forces have denied as a military coup, Mugabe and his family were placed under house arrest while talks have risen about a potential transitional government, easing him out of his longstanding term in office. At the age of 93, President Mugabe has been at the helm of a struggling country for far too long and the opportunity is ripe for Zimbabwe to transition into a stable, democratic country. We urge the President to step aside peacefully and allow for free and fair elections to take place.

These recent events show the big divide in the ruling party. We encourage and support our liberal friends and opposition parties in Zimbabwe to stand for the values we hold dear: constitutionalism, transparency, rule of law, multiparty democracy and peace. We implore Zimbabweans to remain calm and show non-violent restraint during this time. The ALN is monitoring the situation closely and offer our unwavering support to those who are fighting for a better, democratic Zimbabwe.

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Zanie Ferreira (ALN Coordinator)

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