ALN rejects as political propaganda the allegations against South Sudanese members

Statement of the Africa Liberal Network

Olivier Kamitatu, ALN President

The Africa Liberal Network’s member party in South Sudan, the People’s Liberal Party (PLP), has persistently faced threats of violence and arrest allegedly by members of the ruling regime. The target of these threats are members of the party and its leader, Peter Mayen Majongdit.

As the largest political affiliation on the continent, the ALN denounces these threats and demands that Mr Mayen’s safety is assured by the South Sudanese government and its security forces. We also reject as political propaganda the outlandish claims that Mr Mayen is cooperating with the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) .


PLP (second from right) leader, Peter Mayen, at a recent meeting of the ALN Executive Committee in Johannesburg, South Africa

The People’s Liberal Party is a liberal democratic political party which seeks to ensure a better future for all South Sudanese, who have already suffered terrible loses in wars, civil wars, and ethnic conflict. Mr Mayen has travelled, hidden and sought refuge with those sympathetic to this democratic cause. It is the view of the ALN that Mr Majongdit, his party supporters, and all South Sudanese be guaranteed their safety and right to voice opposition.

At a time when the country needs aid relief and humanitarian support the most, security forces of the South Sudanese government have failed to provided any form of a stable environment for such crucial work. Instead of this, a completely disabling environment has resulted and indicative in reports of foreign aid workers who were raped, beaten and assaulted in Juba. This includes one specific incident where a number of female humanitarian workers were gang-raped in their hotel compound by South Sudanese soldiers.

South Sudan and the entire region cannot endure further suffering at the hands of those who would rather cling to power at all costs. The ALN calls upon South Sudanese President Salva Kiir to ensure a safe environment for those aid workers seeking to bring relief to the innocent South Sudanese desperate for it, especially given the outbreak of cholera, malaria and other preventable diseases.

The Africa Liberal Network also appeals to the government of President Kiir, South Sudanese security forces and state apparatuses to uphold tolerance in all forms. The rights to express political views, dissent and all other fundamental rights of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights must be observed and guaranteed if the people of South Sudan are to live in peace and prosperity.

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