Africa Liberal Network media statement by

Stevens Mokgalapa (MP)

Africa Liberal Network Vice President (Southern Africa)

ALN condemns pre-election violence in South Africa

27 October 2015

Release: immediate

The Africa Liberal Network (ALN), the largest political network on the continent consisting of 44 political parties in 30 states, expresses grave concern over reports that our South African member party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), has faced intimidation and violent attacks against its supporters, members and staff in the country’s capital.

We condemn any actions by the ruling party involving alleged theft and destruction of property. It has come to our attention that the African National Congress (ANC) organised attacks against DA supporters during the preparation of the DA’s campaign launch in Tshwane (Pretoria).

The ALN is especially concerned that anti-DA forces physically attacked the party’s members, throwing bricks and rocks at them. We are aware of an incident in which a group of ANC supporters sprayed a fire extinguisher in a kiosk in which DA activists were hiding.

As per our resolution taken at Ouagadougou (2014), the ALN is also committed to the peaceful, democratic transition of power as well as an environment conducive to free and fair elections. To this end, the ALN affirms its support and solidarity with the Democratic Alliance. Additionally, we encourage the DA in its efforts to take the appropriate legal steps and actions with the Independent Electoral Commission and other relevant South African authorities.

Our thoughts are with the innocent DA activists who were injured. We call on the governing authorities to follow due procedure and the South African Constitution. The ALN will continue to monitor the situation and gather support through our international networks if necessary.


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