DECLARATION TAKEN AT THE 2014 ALN GENERAL ASSEMBLY DECLARATION ADOPTEE LORS DE L’ASSEMBLEE GENERALE   The Marrakech Declaration on Human Rights We, the ALN member parties, understanding that human rights relate not just to equality and the rule of law, but also to health, education and the economy, hereby set out the ALN Human Rights Framework. Building on the Charter de Mandi, 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the African Charter of Human and People’s Rights (1987), and on the principles set out in the ALN Liberal Manifesto for Africa, we commit to work for the adoption and full implementation by every country in Africa of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966). We undertake to adopt these principles throughout our internal party structures. In particular, we give the highest priority to safeguarding and encouraging the rights of women and youth to equality of access and participation in all aspects of our party and wider society. The member parties of the ALN undertake to work with civil society to secure the adoption of these principles by all state institutions across Africa. In particular we identify the following as key priorities for political action:

  1. Ensuring the constitutional independence of the judiciary and building a legal system which embeds the principles of equality before the law. Where the existing rule of law perpetuates discrimination and human rights abuses, it must be actively challenged.
  2. Ensuring the right to personal security and freedom from arbitrary arrest, detention without trial, torture and the death penalty, and the right to a fair trial.
  3. Ensuring constitutional protection for the right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly, freedom of movement, and participation in the full conduct of public affairs and access to public services.
  4. Understanding that education is the route to raising awareness of civil and human rights, and to developing the skills needed for employment, developing the skills and opportunities of the next generation. We will work towards the universal compulsory introduction of free primary and secondary education for every girl and boy in Africa
  5. Understanding that economic growth and development creates the foundation for good health and education services. We will work to ensure that everyone has the right to fair and safe working conditions in a prospering society, and accelerate progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals set out at the Rio+20 Conference in 2012. We will continue to work towards eliminating extreme poverty, reducing infant mortality and halting the spread of various diseases.
  6. Ensuring the implementation and application of laws to uphold equal rights for women, girls and youth, and to prevent the practices of female genital mutilation and forced and underage marriage in particular. We will work to combine legislative action with an educational programme for both children and the general public to raise awareness of these issues, particularly in rural areas.
  7. Ensuring the implementation and application of laws upholding civil liberties, including freedom of speech, conscience, belief and worship.
  8. Ensuring the implementation and application of laws ensuring equal rights before the law and preventing discrimination against any individual on the basis of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, sexuality or disability.
  9. Ensuring the implementation and application of laws designed to prevent human trafficking, sex trafficking and ensuring an end to the recruitment and use of child soldiers and forced and bonded labour. The ALN member parties are committed to adopting measures to end these abuses.
  10. Securing the recognition and application of private property rights as set out in the ALN Liberal Manifesto for Africa and the 2013 Zanzibar Declaration. The ALN recognises property rights as essential to the economic advancement of citizens and the elimination of poverty. The ALN member parties are committed to promoting economic growth, jobs, and regional trade links.
  11. Working to create high standards of governance in governments and institutions, in order to restore public trust in their legitimacy, both domestically and internationally.
  12. Recognising the importance of tackling climate change as an integral part of delivering human rights and equal opportunities for all, and formulating party and government policies to deliver progress on this key issue.

We commit to this ALN Human Rights Framework, and encourage all governments and political parties across the African continent to adopt these principles, and to integrate them into their manifestos as a basis for action(s) to be taken.

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