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Welcome to the Africa Liberal Network … the home of Liberal Democracy in Africa


Who We Are

The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) is an alliance of 44 African Liberal Democratic parties and organisations from 30 African countries. The ALN is an associated organisation of Liberal International, the political family to which Liberal Democratic parties belong. We aim to promote Liberal Democratic principles across the African continent by 1) providing a platform for like-minded liberals in Africa to share information, experience, skills, and ideas, and 2) capacitating our member parties with the skills they need to win elections and run governments based on Liberal values.


Liberal Democracy in Africa | Member Parties

The member parties of the Africa Liberal Network are bound by the ALN Constitution, which states that they exist to:

  • Ensure the freedom and dignity of all people by establishing political and civil rights.
  • Ensure basic freedoms.
  • Uphold the rule of law.
  • Promote democratic government, based on free and fair elections with peaceful transition.
  • Ensure religious, gender and minority rights are recognised.
  • Fight corruption.
  • Establish free market economies.

Liberal Democracy in Action | What We Do

As a Pan-African network of Liberal Democratic political parties, the ALN aims to spread Liberal values across the African continent by:

  • Championing Liberal policy solutions to Africa’s challenges.
  • Capacitating Liberal Democratic member parties with the skills they need to win elections and run governments based on Liberal values.
  • Providing a platform for like-minded Liberals in Africa to network and share information, experience, skills, and ideas.

Our Partners

We are proudly associated with the following partners:



Explore & Contact Us

We encourage you to read through our website, share our resources and enjoy the information we have made available. If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact Nangamso Kwinana, Africa Liberal Network Coordinator:


☏ +27 (0)21 465 14 31

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