A nominated councillor in Gaborone City Council delegated by the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), one of the opposition parties in Botswana. She has also served as the elected Secretary General of the BMD Women’s League.
Amongst her milestones, is the collegial relationship she initiated and led, between the BMD and other women led formations of from SADC political parties, amongst which was the Malawian Peoples Party led by the former Malawian President Dr Joyce Banda.

Mankie enjoys field operations and political activity campaigns. On the ground campaign work awards Mankie the opportunity to engage her political party volunteers, community activists and affords an opportunity to forge organic relationships with the electorate. She has led many campaigns including successful member of parliament campaigns for her political party constituency leaders. Through campaigning, she has developed a liking for fundraising and hopes to further exercise and refine this skill.

In her designated ward, of which she has been nominated and delegate to council for, she has identified the strategic need to work with and develop youth and women. Mankie is also the Women Commissioner for Botswana Association of Local Authorities and a member of both Lesbians Gays Bisexuals of Botswana (LEGABIBO) and Rainbow Identity, an organisation specifically working with the Transgender and Intersex communities.

At the Gaborone City Council, she forms part of the Education, Health and Social Services committees. In her ward, she forms part of the team which oversees Development in the community. As part of her community outreach commitments, Mankie is a representative of the Parents Teacher Association and the Gaborone West Neighbourhood Watch (as an ex-officio).

Academically, she holds a Certificate in Frontline and Public Relations and other short courses and training certificates. Mankie is an advocate of gender parity in local and central governance, through free, fair and credible elections.