Africa Liberal Network

Women's Leadership Programme

The Africa Liberal Network’s Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP) is an annual training scheme for women politicians from ALN member parties, aimed at developing the knowledge and skills to win candidate nominations and upcoming elections, or to be elected to internal party leadership positions.

““John F. Kennedy once said, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Because of the training from the ALN Women’s Leadership Programme I am more focused on ensuring that at the core of my quest for leadership is service to my people is. I look forward to vying for in the next election in my country and am forever indebted to the team and the very able trainers. Thank you.””

- Hon. Irene Mayaka - Special Elect Member of County Assembly, Nyamira, Kenya

About WLP

The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP) returns in 2020 to continue training, coaching and developing politically active women within our member political parties, with high potential to be elected internally and in public office within the next two years (2020 – 2022).

As an annual development programme for women politicians from ALN member parties, aimed at developing their knowledge and skills to win candidate nominations and upcoming elections, or to be elected to internal party leadership positions, the programme aims to dismantle barriers to women’s political participation and selection as candidates.

The WLP empowers women leaders by providing them with tailored skills and mentor support to develop and advance their political careers, and ultimately to increase women’s participation and influence in politics.

Supported in the 2019 debut by the UK Liberal Democrats, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom and a host of mentors from our member parties, international partners and the global federation Liberal International, we are confident our continued partnership will advance the cause of developing capable liberal women leaders.

The empowerment programme will be spread across three in person training sessions, covering a range of public leadership empowerment tools to provide all the critical skills and knowledge necessary to successfully campaign for party nominations and elected public office.

The programme’s public leadership empowerment tools will include how to develop a campaign plan and team, fundraise, multimedia communication, traditional and conventional voter interaction models and much more. The training workshops will provide practical tools and ideas that the participants will be able to apply directly to their campaigns.

The programme will also include mentoring support whereby participants will be paired with an experienced political actor, to provide tailored advice and support, in addition to the three in person training sessions. After successfully completing the programme, former participants will also have the opportunity to share their experience and act as mentors or support training facilitation to the next group of participants.

““The ALN programme helps to build strong and vibrant democracies
across the world. The work they do to empower and support women
to become the leaders within their communities is absolutely vital, and
I’m delighted to support it.””

- Jo Swinson, Leader of the UK Liberal Democrats

WLP core elements

  • Up to 15 participants planning to campaign for internal political party elections or a political party candidate in an upcoming local or general election during 2020 – 2022;
  • Available to attend all three in person training sessions during 2020;
  • A practical empowerment programme of interactive workshops and tailored mentoring, providing skills, knowledge and guidance that can be applied directly to the participants’ election campaigns;
  • Each participant managing their own initiated project within their local residential area or targeted election campaign geography, aiming to resolve a problem and create value for those involved – throughout the course of the programme (2020). The most impactful three projects will be awarded at the end of the programme.
  • Internationally recognised expert trainers, mentors and expert speakers with substantial political leadership campaigning experience.

Session I
12-13 February 2020

  • Setting your political goals –
    what do you need to win?
  • Developing your campaign
    strategy and plan
  • Leadership skills
  • Grassroots campaigning Part 1
  • Building your campaign team & recruiting volunteers

Session II
26–28 June 2020

  •  Grassroots campaigning Part 2
  • Door to door campaigning and
    the value of personal contact
    with voters
  • Campaigning with social media
  • Media and message
  • Dealing with negative

Session III
6–8 November 2020

  • Raising the money for your
  • Public speaking
  • Grassroots Campaigning Part 3
  • Building your election timeline
  • Planning a winning GOTV

Selection criteria

Applicants must be:

  • You are already an active member of an ALN member party
  • You are preparing to campaign for an internal political party leadership position or a candidate of your political party in a local or general election taking place in your country between 2020 – 2022.
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English or French
  • Able to initiate and manage an issue driving project of your choice, during 2020

Through taking part in the empowerment programme, participants will not only gain additional skills and knowledge to help them progress into leadership roles but will also form an alumni network of politicians strengthening women’s political leadership, sharing best practice experiences and peer to peer leadership support.

Our Current Applicants

Irene Nyakerario Mayaka

Laurée Simba Lelo

Mankie Sekete

Rachel Bugingo

Rose Sakala

Salma Florence Ochieng

Siti Ngwali

Ireen Ngenda

Bouchra Mohsine