The ALN’s Executive Committee is the President, Deputy President, Treasurer and five Vice Presidents, from each region of Africa.

About the President

Stevens Mokgalapa was elected President of the Africa Liberal Network at the 13th General Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya during 22 – 25 March 2017. He is a former Member of South Africa’s National Assembly Parliament, delegated by the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the former Shadow Minister of International Relations and Co-operation in South Africa. At present, Stevens is the Executive Mayor of South Africa’s capital city Tshwane (Pretoria). The DA is South Africa’s largest opposition party and has been a member party of the ALN for many years.

Before being elected as the ALN President, Stevens served as the ALN’s Southen Africa Vice-President, in between his various positions in local and national politics in South Africa. He has a five-point plan for the ALN:

  1. Ensuring financial sustainability of the network,
  2. Providing support for member parties through the provision of workshops, training and information material,
  3. Arranging that the network undertake election support of member parties,
  4. Elevating the network’s voice in liberal organisations, such as Liberal International, Liberal International Human Rights Committee and the UN Human Rights Council,
  5. Growing the network and promoting liberal values on the African continent




Members From Across Africa

The Africa Liberal Network aims to promote Liberal Democratic principles across the African continent by providing a platform for like-minded liberals in Africa to network and share information.

The Secretariat

Coordinator: Nangamso Kwinana

The Coordinator is tasked with implementing the decisions of the Executive Committee, the General Assembly and managing the day-to-day activity of the network. It is the Coordinator whom manages ALN events, projects and oversees the day to day functioning of the network subject to sponsorship and assistance of facilitating partners.

Nangamso Kwinana has been the ALN Coordinator since October 2018. Among her objectives is to:

  1. solidify relations with the #ALNmember parties,
  2. together with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, co-manage the ALN Women Leadership Programme,
  3. together with the Africa Liberal Youth continue advocating for young leaders to be included in decision making platforms both in politics and civil society at large
  4. formulate content rich programmes for the network, in consultation with the Executive Committee, member parties, strategic partners and like-minded liberal formations on the continent and around the globe,
  5. collate liberal formations and movement to work together in unison in order to maximise liberal governance and the rule of law in everyday life, the equal protection of human rights, civil rights, civil liberties and political freedoms for all people.

Nangamso can be reached on the following contact methods:

Tel: +27 21 465 1431
Twitter: @AfricanLiberals
Facebook: @AfricaLiberalNetwork

Deputy President - Congo

Gilbert Noël De Bonne E G OUEDRAOGO

Treasurer - Malawi

Clement Stambuli

North Africa Vice President – Morocco

Abdelsam Nihrane

West Africa Vice President - Mali

Ousmane Ben Fana Traore

Central Africa Vice President - Congo

Parfait Kolelas

East Africa Vice President - Somolia

Mohamed Ibrahim

Southern Africa - Zambia

Rose Sakala