Ireen Ngenda

is a Zambian born and based political activist,anti-gender based violence campaigner and human rights activist. Ireen is a retired Confidential Secretary turned organic farmer. She has worked and campaigned for the first Democratic Party in 1990 which ushered in multi-party politics in Zambia in 1991. The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy Party unseating the then incumbent president with a landslide victory and winning 141 parliamentary seats out of 156, are among milestones Ireen narrates with pride. This she states, was the birth of her active political career.

In 1991, she worked as a full-time Confidential Secretary for the ruling party and diligently served in a wide variety of professional roles. In 1995, she was recognised for her contributions, which resulted in her being delegated to serve in the Foreign Missions abroad until 2001. In the same year of 2001, the then incumbent President wanted to breach the Zambian Constitution by standing for a 3rd term. As a result of her advocacy against a 3rd term, Ireen was recalled from the abroad mission.
Two years after challenging her dismissal in vain, she pursued her passion of farming and also joined the opposition, United Party for National Development.
Ireen is also actively involved in various community development programmes like sensitizing the communities on gender-based violence and human rights advocacy. She works with grassroots women and youth through her WLP project, engaging communities of self-sustainability projects, poverty alleviation projects and organic farming action programmes.
One of her goals is to improve her public speaking skills and learn different strategies of campaigning
so that she can ascend as a gender representation parliamentarian in her constituency of Rufunsa, Zambia.