Please note that application for full membership of the ALN is only open to registered political parties. If you represent a non-political organisation or are an individual, please submit your application on an Associate Members application form.

Supporting Documents

In order to proceed with the application, the Africa Liberal Network requires:
•   This completed and signed application form, including a signed copy of the Johannesburg Declaration and Pan African Liberal Manifesto
•   A copy of the party’s policies and most recent election manifesto attached to this application.
•   A copy of the party’s constitution attached to this application.
•   A copy of the party’s registration certificate as a political party as issued by the relevant national election/party management body.


Please refer to clause 5.2 of the ALN Constitution for a full breakdown of the process that will be followed upon receipt of your application.

Application form

I confirm that the details submitted in this application are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
In signing this application, I acknowledge that my party agrees with the principles of the Johannesburg Declaration and Pan-African Liberal Manifesto attached to this application.

Upon approval of my party’s membership of the ALN, I will ensure that the spirit of at least 15 of the 20 principles of the Pan-African Liberal Manifesto is incorporated into my party’s policy (should they not be reflected already).