Following its successful 12th General Assembly this year, Africa’s largest political affiliation will meet in Johannesburg, South Africa, this week (12-14 August 2016) and is joined by Herman Mashaba, the Democratic Alliance’s Johannesburg mayoral candidate.

The meeting takes place after South Africa’s most recent Local Government Elections in which the ALN’s member party, the Democratic Alliance, surged in the polls and obtained numerous significant victories. The DA is now the largest party in the City of Cape Town, the administrative capital of Tshwane (including Pretoria), and Nelson Mandela Bay (including Port Elizabeth).

The Democratic Alliance may also seek to form a coalition in the City of Johannesburg, Africa’s economic hub, where the party obtained the second-largest number of votes. The ALN Executive Committee will be briefed on the outcomes of the successful DA campaigns across the country, including a meeting with Mr Mashaba and the DA International Office.

On the agenda for this meeting of the ALN Executive Committee is the upcoming elections of the network itself. Setting an example for democrats across the continent, the ALN’s Executive Committee strongly believes in adherence to the term limits identified in the network’s Constitution and looks forward to a peaceful transition of Executive power. Other matters for discussion include the increasing level of political persecution in South Sudan, and the development of the network’s Campaign and Organisational Development (COD) Unit which aims to directly enable and capacitate one member party’s ability to win elections as liberal democrats.

The ALN looks forward to meeting with two strategic partners, the Liberal Democrats (United Kingdom) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, during the Executive Committee meeting.

Media enquiries:

Luke Akal (ALN Coordinator)

+27 (0)81 4813754

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