Africa Liberal Network statement by
Olivier Kamitatu 

Africa Liberal Network President

ALN condemns alleged AU proposal to withdraw from the ICC


26 February 2016


The Africa Liberal Network (ALN), the largest political network on the continent consisting of 47 political parties, is deeply concerned over the outcome of the recent African Union (AU) Summit in Addis Ababa regarding the matters of alleged withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the ongoing crisis in Burundi.

We strongly denounce the alleged proposal from the AU to encourage its member states to withdraw from the ICC simply to protect the selfish political interests of a few. The ICC is an established institution to which one-third of African states are members, having ratified the Rome Statute in their respective legislatures. It would, therefore, be unconstitutional in many instances to withdraw from the ICC.

The ALN strongly maintains its position adopted at the Network’s 10th General Assembly in Zanzibar: we encourage full cooperation with the ICC and encourage the fight against impunity and all abuses of human rights. The ICC remains a credible institution through which these goals can be achieved.

The ALN urges the AU to remain firm and committed to the fight against impunity so that the history of oppression and violence may be stamped out from the continent and serve as a warning to those who seek to perpetrate violence against citizens. The ALN and its members believe that justice must be served against those who have committed crimes against humanity, displaced individuals and families, destroyed communities and villages, and led mass murders and genocides.

It is an injustice against the people of Africa for any state to withdraw from the ICC.

The ALN moreover calls for urgent intervention in the ongoing crisis in Burundi. We hold that the important work of the ICC is necessary in order to safeguard the lives of many thousands of Burundians. The AU and the ICC should be working in cooperation to ensure protection and justice for all Africans, which includes the possibility of AU troops on the ground in Burundi.


This is a time where the people of Burundi need the support of their fellow Africans. The AU is the vehicle through which we ought to support the innocent and bring an end to the violence through all diplomatic means. The loss of life in Burundi is an atrocity for the entire continent and cannot be accepted. The ALN’s position on the crisis in Burundi is found in a resolution passed at our recent General Assembly in Johannesburg, South Africa.


The ALN calls for the AU to lead the struggle against impunity by encouraging members to commit to and cooperate with the ICC.


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