Welcome to the first edition of the Africa Liberal Network (ALN) newsletter.  The Africa Liberal Network is a loose affiliation of liberal democratic African political parties, which was initiated at the Liberal Summer School, held in Mombasa, Kenya, in July 2001.
The purpose of the ALN is to facilitate communication and co-operation between like-minded liberal democratic political parties in Africa.  This will be done through the regular circulation of this newsletter containing news on all member parties and their countries.  The ALN will also be organising meetings and workshops on specific issues of interest to member parties, as well as raising the profile of liberal parties in Africa in the local and international media.
Membership of the ALN is determined by the party’s status in the parent organisation, Liberal International.  The present member parties of the ALN (in alphabetical country order) are:

Full Members
Partido Liberal Democratico (Angola) http://www2.ebonet.net/pld/
Union Democratica Nacional (UDENA) (Equatorial Guinea) (No party website)
United Democratic Front (Malawi) http://www.udfparty.com/
Parti Démocratique Sénégalais (Senegal) http://www.sopionline.com/
Democratic Alliance (South Africa) http://www.da.org.za
Alliance Nationale des Democrates pour la Reconstruction (ANADER) (DRC) (No party website)
Rassemblement des Republicains (Cote d’Ivoire) http://www.rdrci.org/
Mouvement pour le Progres de Magagascar (MFM) (Madagascar) (No party website)
Mouvement Populaire (Morocco) (No party website)
Union Constitutionelle (Morocco) (No party website)
Seychelles National Party (Seychelles) http://www.seychelles.net/snp/
Civic United Front (Tanzania) http://www.cuftz.org/

United Democratic Party (Tanzania) (No party website)
Parti Social Liberal (Tunisia) (No party website)
United Party for National Development (Zambia) http://www.upnd.org/

Movement for Democratic Change (Zimbabwe) http://www.mdczimbabwe.com
Potential New Contacts
The ALN is also open to new parties who fit the criteria.  To find out more about potential new member parties, please see the dedicated section at the end of the newsletter.
This newsletter will be a monthly publication, and will be circulated to all member parties.  If you wish to submit an article concerning your party, country, or an issue of interest to ALN members, please contact Ellen Kelly at the address given in the Feedback section.

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